Ex-Warrant Officer Class Two with twenty-three years military service with multiple surgeries from sport and fitness injuries. After a short period of time on leaving the Armed Forces I fell upon hard times due to injury. This led to me having to resign from my civlian job and was subsequently sat at home for nineteen months on a GP’s sick note. Defunct of motivation and in pain on a daily basis I was stepping into an arena that wasn’t familiar to me and I was missing the structure and purpose that had been in place for the last twenty-five years. The NHS was at a loss with what to do with me and with being at home for nineteen months I was losing all faith.  In desperation, I decided to reach out to my Regimental Corps Association and SSAFA who superbly provided financial aid for me to see a specialist in London which much to my relief created hope. However, the pathway was blocked to me due to the required treatment costing more money and the service not being available through the NHS. I decided to reach further afield for support and contacted a friend of mine Colin Maclachlan. As always, Colin was top draw and took down some information and was in touch with support and ideas to help assist me. The icing on the cake was that my predicament and problem was put before the Board of Trustees at Who Dares Cares and they decided that they would be able to support and help me by way of paying for one of my injections. The relief on hearing this news was overwhelming. To say I’m grateful and thankful to them doesn’t even come close. In my opinion my Country/NHS/Benefits have failed me! Fortunately, my extended family of the Regimental Corps Association, SSAFA, Armed Forces Bikers, Royal British Legion and Who Dares Cares have put their heads above the parapet and supported me. I will be forever eternally grateful.

Thank You Who Dares Cares!  This wonderful Charity provided my husband with a wheelchair and he was able to make our sons first day at school. Eternally grateful to be able to hold such beautiful memories in what was a living nightmare.  When many other Military Charities pledged to help but never came through Who Dares Cares saw a Veteran in need and was straight on to it. Thanks to all those who support this Charity x



I got in contact with Who Dares Cares a few weeks ago looking for help.  It took a lot to send that e-mail but it is something I should have done years ago.  Despite getting an out of office reply (the West Highland Way hike was ongoing), within half an hour Nikki had replied offering to make contact over the phone.  By the end of the day we had a face to face meeting organised.  So far, I've only had one meeting with Nikki, but it has been a very positive start and already things are beginning to fall into place.  I'll be joining their "walk, talk and brew" on a Sunday in South Lanarkshire. It was sheer chance that I discovered Who Dares Cares through their activity on the West Highland Way facebook page, and their strategy for helping people through walking and hiking was the driving force for me finally asking for help. I'm extremely grateful to Nikki and the team, and look forward to getting out on some walks with you!

I’m a mother of a 32 year old Military Veteran with Combat PTSD.  During the COVID pandemic and with being in the house and having no focus the PTSD really started to affect him badly.  I was told about Who Dares Cares by my sister and we contacted them and we were introduced to the absolutely amazing Nikki McCartney.  This amazing lady has literally saved both my sons life and mine.  I'm on here today with amazing news my son has just received word today that he has a place in rehab to get the medical help and support to get alcohol free and help to deal with his Mental Health, it's been a long hard heart breaking journey but by god I could cry with happiness for him and I suppose my message today is don’t give up fighting you will get there eventually love and best wishes to each and every one who suffers this horrible illness.

Our motto “Who Dares Cares” means this...

We dare you to care, become active in our charity work, support our activities, take part and raise funds to help our future activities.