Exercise Chill Pill

29 - 30 October 2022
B818, Denny FK6 5JL

Reconnect with nature, learn life skills and embrace your primal instinct. Come and learn how to thrive outdoors in a safe and enjoyable environment lead by highly experienced instructors at Primal Bushcraft. Get to spend a night camping, be that under a tarp or a shelter you have built together. Pull up a sandbag, sit round the fire and let the banter begin. What You’ll Need - Comfortable outdoor clothing
, Outdoor footwear
. Waterproof coat, Day sack
, Sleeping bag, Mug, KFS, Plate and Tent (optional). Fancy it?  Email wdc@who-dares-cares.com to book your place.

Our motto “Who Dares Cares” means this...

We dare you to care, become active in our charity work, support our activities, take part and raise funds to help our future activities.