Although the majority of the people we help come from some form of Military background, we are also here to help anyone from the Blue Light Services including their families and dependants who suffer signs and symptoms of PTSD. This can be anything from trauma, to a bereavement.

While we don’t have any full time staff, our volunteers come from a range of military, health and social care backgrounds, with many having completed courses in counselling. We also recognise the importance of exercise as part of recovery and we work to encourage this and make this accessible for those who are struggling with PTSD and anxiety related issues.

An insight into a few of the things that we provide:

Weekend Retreat Facilities – this is where individuals and families can spend a weekend away from the daily grind and relax in fun activities

Walk Talk and Brew – this is where we have a team of volunteers (established in Strathclyde, West Lothian and Eastbourne) that meet with groups of people who maybe just want to clear their head, but have the support of our volunteers there to listen and offer advice etc.

PTSD Awareness Sessions – we provide PTSD awareness sessions to help provide a better understanding of what the signs and symptoms of PTSD are, how to manage symptoms and ways that families can better support in a way that is helpful to the individual.

Buddy Buddy – this is a confidential place that allows people to vent and express things that they might feel they can’t elsewhere, with the support of other people in similar situations and most importantly, where our volunteers are available to help assist where they can.

Our motto “Who Dares Cares” means this...

We dare you to care, become active in our charity work, support our activities, take part and raise funds to help our future activities.